Ready to crush your competition?

When it’s time to streamline, strategize and empower your employees with data so specific that engaging customers and increasing sales is easy, then it’s time to amp it up. Yeah, we said it, ‘cause we can do it. You’re good at your job and we’re good at ours. Our job is help make you more successful at yours. You want to amp up your sales? We’re the folks who will do it.

Our Salesforce experts work with you to ensure you are optimizing your potential – and then some. Why leave money on the table? We’ll help you grow your business by identifying gaps and highlighting where you can improve. We’ll use data to show you where your competition has the advantage and then we’ll amp up your strategy with solutions to help you keep your competition in your rear-view mirror. Yeah, we said that too.

Amplicity was started because we recognized that customers want personalized service. They want to work alongside experts who listen and who they trust. We’re here to make sure you crush your competition. We’ll learn about your challenges, understand your obstacles, we’ll find what’s working and we’ll will focus on what’s not and we’ll provide you with the tools you need for success.

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Our style is customer-based

You’ll notice the difference right away. When you contact us, we encourage you to do most of the talking. That’s because at Amplicity, we’re here for you – this is not about us. We want to learn about your goals and what’s holding you back from optimizing your sales potential. Your competition isn’t better than you are, they’ve just figured something out that you haven’t. We’ll identify those gaps, we’ll work with you to make sure you understand how to leverage your data and engage your team and your customers.

We know a thing or two about customer loyalty and we believe customer retention is the key to sustainable success. It’s getting more difficult to retain customers yet there are ways to do it. We’ll show you how improving your customer retention will increase your sales.


We’re not one-size-fits-all

We are not going to offer a ‘this or that’ approach – you can have ‘this’ option or ‘that’ option. Our customer service distinguishes us from everyone else. We’ll work with you to make sure that whatever we do together fits your needs, your timeframe, and your budget. Our Managed Services includes a set amount of Salesforce support but if you need more than that – we’ll work with you to make sure you’re getting what you need. We have Consulting Services that you can take advantage of during times when you feel you need more. When you’re ready to scale back we’ll work with you and when it’s time to amp it up even more – our feet will be on the gas pedal.

We shoot straight

  • No hidden fees
  • Our prices are fixed
  • You pay up front so there’s no price gouging

We aren’t comfortable with cruise control – we amp it up

Talk with us about our AMP Agile Process

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